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If you've only just started playing I'll give you the biggest hint or tip ever. Don't use the free boosters you get in the early levels until you get to the later levels. Saving them until level 65 will work like a charm.

Know your objective. If a level requires you get a certain score as well as completing a task, make sure you've achieved that score before you make the final move to complete the task.




Learn to recognise the match patterns. Matching three candies is easy. You're working on a 3x3 grid, and your brain will easily learn the pattern combinations that can make a three-candy match. Matching four and five candies is more difficult. I won't go into the maths here, but learn what you're looking for. Maybe look at some of the starting screenshots from different levels, and see how many match 4 and match 5s you can see.

Crush candies at the bottom For most levels, crushing candies at the bottom of the grid is the best strategy. There are exceptions to this as you progress through the game: but in most grids, starting at the bottom will give the greatest amount of candy combinations.

Make effective striped candies. When you find a four-candy match, you're going to get a striped candy. The candy will be striped in the same direction as the candy you moved to make the match. So if you moved a candy down to make the match, you'll get a vertical striped candy, and if you moved a candy across to make a match, you'll get a horizontal striped candy. I got to level 80 beore I learned about this...

Plan your ingredients There is no randomness as to when an ingredient appears on a level. Learn what triggers the ingredient to drop (usually the first swap after the last ingredient was cleared or reaching a particular amount of moves) and plan accordingly so that they go into the vertical column that's easiest to clear. We have a comprehensive summary for when you can expect the next ingredient to appear on all our ingredient level guides.

Moving ingredients across columns. There are five set ups where you can swap ingredients out of a column:

  • One of the same candy above and one below the ingredient
  • Two of the same candy above the ingredient
  • Two of the same candy below the ingredient
  • Two of the same candy to the right of the ingredient
  • Two of the same candy to the left of the ingredient
Then when the matching candy lands next to an ingredient, you can swap the ingredient into the next column.

If you have one of the same candy to the right, and one to the left of an ingredient you will only be able to move the ingredient up or down, although this can be useful if the candy lands on a blocker.

Know where you're at. If you hit 'Quit' on a level, it will tell you how many jelly you have left to get before you complete the level. It won't force you to quit - it will give you the option to play on, and continue the game, so you can check your progress at any time.

Use the special combo cheat sheet. Knowing which special combinations do what is key to clearing some of the later levels. Use our special combo cheat sheet to discover the most effective solution for your level.

Destroy the distractions. Meringues, licorice, chocolate: if completion of the level requires that they be taken out, take them out early. Always destroy time bombs at the first opportunity (if the need to be destroyed...)

They're messing with your mind. Timed bombs aren't always a threat. For example,if you get a 14-move bomb, and you only have 11 moves left, do the math. You don't need to worry about the bomb, your game will be over before it detonates.

Swim with the fishes Fishes will go for whatever jelly is on the board. So if you use them near the end of the game, they will go straight for the hard-to-get jellies you've not managed to clear.

Need to cheat? Then you're a lost cause, and a very, very bad person. Shame on you. Now go and reset the date and time on your mobile phone so that it's a day ahead and enjoy your extra five lives. Or, if you're using Facebook, open multiple browser tabs with the game open when you have five lives. You can look at our cheat page for more information.

Know when you're beat If you've been dealt a bad hand (or a bad candy grid) give the game a reshuffle before you start. A match 4 or match 5 at the beginning of the level can be all it takes to win sometimes.

Turn off boosts If you're using boosts for one level, remember to turn them off for the next. It's easy to forget to uncheck the boosts in your eagerness to play the next level, but maybe you won't need them.

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