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No Sound on Candy Crush Saga on iPhone

"I installed Candy Crush Saga on my iPhone 4 but I have no sound when I play the game. There is no music, no sound effects, or anything. I have checked the game settings and I have not muted the sound effects or the music and the volume on my phone is up high, so why do I have no sound in the game?

Peter from Boise, Idaho."

Dear Peter,

The problem is that you have the ringer button on your iPhone set to off. it's the top left hand button on your iPhone that you can flick up and down.

A lot of other games and applications pay no attention whether your ringer is off or on, they just work according to the volume you have set. You will not hear any sound at all on Candy Crush Saga on your iPhone if you have your ringer button set to off.

Simply flick the ringer button back on and you'll hear music and sound effects again! And if you get tired of the Candy Crush Saga music you can always turn it back off.

Happy to help! team.

No sound effects or no music on Candy Crush Saga? One or the other?

If you have music, but no sound effects - or sound effects but no music on Candy Crush Saga, you've probably accidentally hit a setting to turn them off.

Exit back to the map on your phone, then click the little arrow in the corner. You'll see a couple of musical notes and a volume control. If either of these have a red dash through them, you've turned them off by accident. Simple click on the circle again to remove the red dash, and hopefully you'll be getting the full, glorious (?) Candy Crush Saga sound experience.





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