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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 65, Minty Meadow

If you have any free boosters saved from the start of the game, this is the level to use them on. First, watch our video play through of Candy Crush Saga level 65, and look at how the chocolate gets cleared in the first three moves. If you manage to do that, you've stopped one of the biggest level 65 threats, and you'll be finding your way out of the Minty Meadow in no time. It goes without saying but making striped candy is the key to success here.

Try to make horizontal striped candy on the rows with licorice caged candy to free them up. Then, after clearing the chocolate, look for vertical match 4s in the columns with jelly and locked candy at the bottom. A vertical swipe will give you a vertical striped candy, and these are essential to clear the bottom-most caged candies.

Play the bottom of the board to increase your combos and keep your eyes peeled for match 4 and match 5 patterns. If you get a colour bomb, go for the colour which will clear the most jelly, save the bomb until you're able to clear that colour with it or until you're able to combine it with a striped or wrapped candy.

If you are going to use boosters on this level, don't be stingy - use them all together on the same game. It's a lot more effective and cheaper than using them individually and then failing the level regardless. This level is widely regarded amongst the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga (in fact, most agree that it is the most difficult out of all the 400+ levels), so don't worry about 'getting into the habit of buying power ups', if you're going to buy them at all, just buy them for this.




Candy Crush Level 65 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 65 - Minty Meadow Help.

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