Candy Crush Saga Level 56 Help (Minty Meadow)

Candy Crush Level 56 Cheats, Tips,
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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 56, Minty Meadow

Make vertical striped candy in the top of the grid to shoot a path through the bottom of the grid. Try to make a few special candies up top before you fire them off, the chocolate is very restricted in where it can move and the more ammo you have ready at the top, the more you can take out at the bottom.

It's very likely you'll make a colour bomb up top on this level, and there will be a predominant colour of candy that's locked in the licorice blocks. Save the colour bomb until you can use it to clear up that colour, then start to work on clearing the remaining jelly on the bottom.




Candy Crush Level 56 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 56 - Minty Meadow Help.

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