Candy Crush Saga Level 461 Help (Sugary Shire)

Candy Crush Level 461 Cheats, Tips,
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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 461, Sugary Shire

Level 461 is a clear all the jelly level. There is jelly spread throughout the whole board. You have jelly on the left and right hand sides and also jelly underneath the chocolate. Start by clearing the jelly on both sides but don’t take out the bottom left and right licorice box just yet. This is keeping that chocolate in place so it doesn’t start spreading. Once you feel as if you cleared a good amount of jelly, you can start clearing underneath the chocolate. You also have three bonus fish that will help you but use them wisely. Each fish will help you take out a good amount of chocolate so don’t use them all at once. Save the fish for when chocolate is trying to take over the board. Besides all those rules with the board, remember to make combo candies to clear jelly faster.




Candy Crush Level 461 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 461 - Sugary Shire Help.

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