Candy Crush Saga Level 425 Help (Soda Swamp)

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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 425, Soda Swamp

I think the logic here was: "If we make the last level of an episode really hard, it'll stop people nagging us asking when the next episode is coming out". I mean - striped and wrapped candy combos are hard enough to make, without expecting us to make them whilst there are toffee tornadoes kicking up a storm and 10-move time bombs working against us.

Try to mix a colour bomb with a striped candy in the first ten moves to get the time bombs under control - and once you have a candy under the dispenser, try not to move or crush that candy - that will prevent further bombs from dropping down. Then focus exclusively on the wrapped and striped: don't worry about the blue, it will come as you're playing the game. Possibly the toughest level the game has seen since level 65 (which seems like childs play) and level 125.





Candy Crush Level 425 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 425 - Soda Swamp Help.

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