Candy Crush Saga Level 419 Help (Soda Swamp)

Candy Crush Level 419 Cheats, Tips,
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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 419, Soda Swamp

This is one of those levels you feel like you'll never crack, until you get close to cracking it. You can have nothing at all until the last 15 moves, then get a bunch of wrapped candy and colour bombs in surprise bags - and boom, you've done it.

There's no special tricks here, really. Work from the top of the board down whenever you can to crush the meringues, which will allow more candy on the board. Try to focus on one side initially. Open the surprise bags as soon as you can, and see what orders are left once you've used them. Dare I say this level is quite fun? Well, I guess it is! Many will disagree, (it's also been labelled 'the most annoying Candy Crush Saga Level')... all I can say is, good luck!




Candy Crush Level 419 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 419 - Soda Swamp Help.

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