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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 350, Pearly White Plains

Concentrate your initial moves on the top centre of the screen, and make as many striped and wrapped candies as you can. Do not worry if you're not clearing the jelly at the start, it will come as you move your play down to the bottom of the board. It's an open grid, so there are a lot of opportunities for combos - mix striped and wrapped together or use vertical stripes to start making a dent in the layer of meringues at the bottom, and be careful not to set off the bomb dispenser too early in the game.

Timed candy bombs will appear to be locked in to the row above the meringues. There are two strategies here. First, try to get a horizontal striped candy on the row and detonate it to take out the bombs. Alternatively any matches you make in the bottom three rows will move the bombs down on to the general grid and make them easier to diffuse as a part of normal play.

Because of the tough layers of meringue protecting the jelly squares you're going to need to be making combo after combo on this level. Unlocking the marmalade coated candies between the meringues will help a lot. As soon as you've made a hole in the meringues do as much play as you can down the bottom of the board - and the jelly at the top of the board will start to clear up through the chance combination as candy drops down. Alternate between working on difficult jelly squares down the bottom and keeping the bombs diffused, then use your final moves to try and clear up any remaining jelly on the board. One way to approach this is to attempt to get all remaining jelly coating the same colour candy, and use a colour bomb to clear it up.




Candy Crush Level 350 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 350 - Pearly White Plains Help.

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