Candy Crush Saga Level 349 Help (Pearly White Plains)

Candy Crush Saga Level 349 Help
Tips, Hints, Strategy for Level 349, Pearly White Plains

Another level where the luck of the starting grid dictates your fate - take a look at our walkhrough video below for the luckiest possible 5 move win on this level! Assuming you're not quite so fortunate though, there's a bit of trickery ahead for you. Chocolate fountains, and chocolate that blocks the production of any more candy, along with time-bombs and blockers will make this level tougher the further you go.

The trick is to make your standard horizontal four match set up next to a chameleon candy. Have one candy of your chosen colour next to the chameleon candy, leave a gap, then get two of the same colour on the same row next to the gap [CHM - CNY - GAP - CNY - CNY]. Work to get the right colour candy above the gap, and drop it down when the chameleon candy turns the right colour. Once you've made your first colour bomb, use it to your advantage and have it clear the colour which is the second most prominent on the board, to give yourself more chance of making the second colour bomb straight afterwards.




Candy Crush Saga Level 349 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Saga level 349 - Pearly White Plains help.

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