Candy Crush Saga Level 334 Help (Munchy Monolith)

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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 334, Munchy Monolith

This looks like a normal level until you start clearing the candy on the bottom and end up with the entire batch being replaced by bombs. You end up with two whole layers of bombs down the bottom, and some marmalade coated special candy up top.

Start by making as many matches with the candy and the bombs as you can down the bottom, but don't worry too much about the chocolate spreading, it may do you a favour and diffuse some of the bombs. Once you run out of moves on the bottom, start freeing up the special candy up top and use it to diffuse any bombs you couldn't get to. Try to mix the candy together when possible - save the colour bomb for any candy bombs you couldn' quite reach, or try to mix it with another special candy.

Chocolate can stop the bombs regenerating, but this isn't a good thing, as you cannot reach the jelly unless it has an object in it. If the chocolate clogs up the bomb machine, you'll need to free it up.




Candy Crush Level 334 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 334 - Munchy Monolith Help.

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