Candy Crush Saga Level 320 Help (Savory Shores)

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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 320, Savory Shores

Is there something strangely familiar about this board? Indeed, it's the same layout as the dreaded level 65, except this time there are chameleon candy in the notches, and licorice blocks and time bombs coming down onto the board as well!

Now you're more experienced in making striped vertical and horizontal candy, this level is a whole lot easier than getting through level 65 was - don't worry about the jelly in the middle at all until the final few moves, hopefully by then you'll have cleared most of it anyway, and remember to take any moves that will help you clear the jelly in the top notches as well as focusing on the side and bottom notches.

Wrapped and striped in the right place is a very helpful combo here, although all the usual big combinations will help. Watch the patterns of the chameleon candy, and make a mental note of which colours they are likely to turn before trying to set up a match, otherwise you could end up wasting moves waiting for it to turn a colour that isn't on the rotation.




Candy Crush Level 320 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 320 - Savory Shores Help.

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