Candy Crush Saga Level 155 Help (Gingerbread Glade)

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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 155, Gingerbread Glade

You're not getting through this level without some serious combos. All of the meringues have jelly underneath, and all the jelly is double jelly. You've only got 35 moves to crush 'em so keep looking for those big combos.

Make sure you use your first few moves to remove the blocks that are keeping the candy from falling to the bottom of the screen. Then make sure 90% of your combinations are hitting a meringue. The striped + wrapped combo in the right place can make a huge amount of difference on this level, colour bombs are only effective once you have candy in all the gaps on the screen.

You should end up with a fairly clear board as you get down to around 12 moves. Use those final moves to clear things up, and make your way out of the Gingerbread Glade




Candy Crush Level 155 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 155 - Gingerbread Glade Help.

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