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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 152, Gingerbread Glade

Have you read our guide to swapping ingredients across columns yet? If not, check out our tips and hints page. To give you a quick overview, if you get an ingredient stuck on top of a meringue (and you're likely to) you'll need to get one of five combinations to get it clear. One example: to crush the meringue you'll need to break candies above it, so you'll be looking for this:


Then you'd move the ingredient upwards to match three candies over the meringue.

The trick to this level is to focus on the centre 3 columns and to ensure your ingredients fall in the centre - ingredients appear after 15 moves, so your 3rd ingredient will appear on the screen when you have 35 moves left. Strategically placed striped candies can help you a lot this level, as can the luck of the draw. It's not a nice level, and it may take a few tries, but eventually you'll hit on the right combinations.




Candy Crush Level 152 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 152 - Gingerbread Glade Help.

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