Candy Crush Saga Level 130 Help (Wafer Wharf)

Candy Crush Saga Level 130 Help
Tips, Hints, Strategy for Level 130, Wafer Wharf

Making striped candies is easy by now. Making striped candies and not detonating them until they're matched with another striped candy, not so easy, especially given the limited number of candy varities in play on this level of the game. You're just as likely to accidentally make colour bombs and wrapped candy as you are striped candy! So the trick is, if ever you see a match 5 pattern, turn it into a match 3 before it becomes a colour bomb - and move any wrapped candy patterns so they make a striped candy instead.

If you have no striped on the screen, by all means, make a colour bomb and take out a colour, it will give you more chances to make striped candy. Otherwise, you're just going to detonate the striped candy you've so desperately been trying to match. Remember, you can move striped candy around the screen the same way you move ingredients, provided you don't match them with the same colour. A little taxing, but it's good practise for what lies ahead.




Candy Crush Saga Level 130 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Saga level 130 - Wafer Wharf help.

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