Candy Crush Saga Level 128 Help (Wafer Wharf)

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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 128, Wafer Wharf

"99 Red Jellybeans, floating in the Candy Sky... "

Start by making combos of any colour to release the locked candy and fill out the board. A vertical striped candy, a wrapped and striped combo or a colour bomb will make your first hole. You won't get any new candy until there's a hole in the row of licorice X-locked candy.You're looking for the pattern:



Then you can swap down the same candy and make a veritcal striped candy, which will bring candy cascading down into the board. After that, there's no need to obsess over the locked candy or the colour - play a good game, make specials and combos whenever you can, and you'll easily pass the 99 red mark with the amount of rooms given. Obviously do save colour bombs until there's a lot of red on the board, other than that, it's quite a simple objective.




Candy Crush Level 128 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 128 - Wafer Wharf Help.

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