Candy Crush Saga Level 122 Help (Peppermint Palace)

Candy Crush Level 122 Cheats, Tips,
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How To Beat Candy Crush Level 122, Peppermint Palace

Focus on destroying the licorice X-locked bomb first: a verticle candy could be your friend here, or set off a wrapped candy above the cage. You'll have other bombs appear afterwards, but these should be easy enough to clear, and they'll help add to your score.

Don't worry about destroying the chocolate, just keeping it trimmed back so you have a decent area to play in is enough. Once the initial bomb is out of the way, there's nothing too difficult about the rest of this level, just make sure you make enough combos, and go for the points wherever possible.




Candy Crush Level 122 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Level 122 - Peppermint Palace Help.

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