Candy Crush Saga Level 107 Help (Salty Canyon)

Candy Crush Saga Level 107 Help
Tips, Hints, Strategy for Level 107, Salty Canyon

First, get the 9 move bombs. If you're struggling, (and sometimes the combo simply doesn't come), remember there's a chance the chocolate will take them away, provided you've broken through the licorice X-locked candy. Then, it's time to focus on the chocolate, you should be able to crush through it fairly easily once the threat of the bombs is out of the way.

The 8 pieces of jelly you need to get are underneath the meringues. As the licorice blocks drop down, they become a new obstacle too, but just like chocolate can be used to remove bombs, licorice blocks can be used to stop chocolate.

Keep track of which jelly squares you've not managed to clear until you've got the obstacles off the board, and try to aim for those squares. Once you've cleared the board of obstacles, you'll probably be left with some stubborn pieces of jelly in the corners. Making a wrapped candy up the top and dropping it down can help here, as can a horizontal striped candy on the bottom row.




Candy Crush Saga Level 107 Help: Video Walkthrough

Candy Crush Saga level 107 - Salty Canyon help.

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