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Dreamworld Candy Crush Saga Guide


Dreamworld levels are very similar to normal Candy Crush Saga levels, except they are slightly more difficult, and you also have to try not to disturb Odus the Owl.

You will see two colours of candy on Odus's perch. If you make too many of one kind of colour candy match, you will tip him off his perch, so you have to balance your game play out by making matches of the other colour candy on the opposite side of his perch.

Matching colours of candy that are not on Odus's perch will not affect him, however, if you get a chain reaction or a cascade of candy, the candies matched still count towards the balance. Each level has a particular number of colours of candy you can match before you disturb Odus - these are listed in our level by level Dreamworld guides.


For the first 65 levels, you will reach Moonstruck after a certain amount of moves. Our level guides to the Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld levels will tell you how many moves it takes to get Moonstruck, and how many moves you spend in Moonstruck mode.

When Odus is Moonstruck and flies into the board, he removes one colour of candy for the duration of the Moonstruck gameplay. With a reduced amount of candy on the board, and not having to worry about which colour candy you remove, you're able to make some bigger matches.

Be aware, when Odus returns to his perch, there will be different candy you need to avoid matching too many of before you disturb him.

It is possible in future levels that Moonstruck will depend on how well you keep a balance of the two candies, or it may even occur when you tip Odus off the scale! For the first 65 levels, however, this isn't the case.




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