Candy Crush Level 86 Cheats and Tips

Unlike mosts other levels, use the jelly fish as early as you can to break a hole in the licorice swirl barrier, then work from the inside of the pyramid whenever you get a chance. Look up top for match-4 and match-5s, but focus most of your play down the bottom once you’ve broken your way down there.

The licorice locked candy doesn’t have jelly underneath, so doesn’t necessarily need to be taken out, although crushing through will give you more room to make special candy. Use your fish whenever you can, and combine them with special candy whenever possible to crush your way through this level.

• In this level the jelly is underneath the licorice swirls.
• Do not clear all the licorice X’s.
• They do not have jelly underneath them so you would be wasting moves clearing them all.
• Make a whole and try to get into the middle of the pyramid.
• Try to make wrapped candies to really help you burst through the licorice.
• Don’t waste moves.

Candy Crush level 86 is located in the Bubblegum Bridge Episode. The Bubblegum Bridge is the 7th episode in the game of candy crush saga. To beat this level you must clear 25 jelly squares and score at least 40,000 points. This level contains locked candies and licorice swirl blockers. The thing that makes this level so hard is that all the jelly squares are under licorice swirls…which are surround by locked candies. So to get to the jelly squares you have to clear the locked candy as well as the licorice swirls.

The best strategy for level 86 is to start the game and take a while to browse the board. Look for any locked candy combos that will clear the locked candy. Your first priority should be clearing the locked candy. This way, you can get to the jelly squares that are below. Once you have cleared a few of the locked candies, you should start playing from the bottom, and taking any combos in the jelly square area as possible. Don’t worry about the rest of the locked candies so much because you want the clear the jelly to beat the level. Many peoples instinct is to clear all the locked candies…but you are wasting moves. If you can take moves that clear jelly, you should be doing that first. Remember that licorice swirls are not affected by special candies so don’t waste a lot of moves trying to create combos at the top because they aren’t going to do much while those licorice swirls are still on the board. Check out the video below to see how to beat level 86.

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