Candy Crush Level 421 Cheats and Tips

Seven striped and striped. Well, yes, there’s a strategy of sorts… try to bring the top marmalade coated striped candy down on top of the candy in the bottom corners, then destroy the cakes.

The whole strategy for this level rides upon exactly when you destroy the cakes. The ideal situation is to destroy two on the same side, then work exclusively on one side making striped candy before destroying the other two. This narrows the field a little, meaning striped candies end up closer to each other. Or, failing that, destroy the two at the top and use the ‘ledge’ on the remaining cakes to build striped combos.

You just have to remain aware of exactly when the next cake is going to ‘blow’ because it will destroy everything on the board, including your striped candy. As always matches are easiest to make in the bottom row, but try to make them wherever you can. Colour bombs can help by reducing the number of candy colours on the board, so don’t always overlook them in favour of a striped candy.


In Candy Crush Saga level 421 you need to collect the orders and score 10,000 points to complete the level. You have 50 moves to complete 7 striped and striped combinations. The board is quite big but contains four cake bombs and so there is not much space for making the required special candies.

It is good to try to remove the cake bombs to start with in level 421 as it will make space for making the matches for the striped candies. However, there are some striped candies on the board already, so try to use those if you can. It can be wise to remove two cake bombs on one side of the board so that you can make stripes on that side and they are closer together so there is more chance that they can be paired up. Be careful when detonating a cake bomb as any striped candies you have made will be removed from the board. Color bombs can be helpful too. Use them to remove all of the candies of one color, preferably none that you already have striped candies of though. This will give you more chance of making striped ones. You may have to just keep playing this level until you get enough lucky candies to make the matches that you need.

Boosters are not that useful in level 421. Started with a striped candy is probably not that helpful because it may be destroyed if you finished a cake bomb before you get to use it. A few extra moves could be useful if your friends have given you some.


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